ULAT Dryer Balls | Natural Colour Set | 1 SET LEFT IN STOCK

100% Canadian Premium Wool Dryer Balls, handmade in Vancouver, BC.

ULAT Dryer Balls are the original and only patented wool dryer ball in the world.

They are a natural and non-fragrant alternative to using chemically-laden commercial dryer sheets with a unique design that maximizes efficiency so you can dry your clothes better.

One set = 3 ULAT Dryer Balls, it's recommended to use all three balls per load.

More Details

How To Use
Simply put all three balls in your dryer along with your washed clothes and turn on the machine.
To naturally scent your clothes,  add your choice of pure essential oils to each dryer ball.

Materials & Care
Made with 100% premium Canadian wool and completely made in Canada.
Natural colour dryer balls are completely compostable!

ULAT Social Impact and Environmental Initiatives

Patented Design
Made in Canada
100% Ethically Sourced Wool
Woman-led Organization
Energy Saving
Eco-friendly and Sustainable