Classic Farmhouse Brass Mason Jar Soap Dispenser Lid

Suitable for all regular mouth mason jars!

Turn your favourite regular mouth mason jar into a chic soap dispenser. Perfect for dish soap, hand soap or lotion!

All the metal components in this dispenser are comprised of coated 304 stainless steel, which is suitable for wet environments and resists corrosion and rust. This dispenser includes an extra thick FDA silicone gasket, making it spill proof, even if tipped on its side. Assembly is easy, with clear, simple instructions. The kit comes with an extra-long tube, which can be cut to size to fit pint, quart, and larger canning jars.
More Details

The set includes:

One black-plated stainless steel mason jar lid
One black-plated stainless steel soap dispenser pump
One FDA silicone gasket
One Jarmazing spin-down ring
One extra-long 8 inch tube