• Refill Mobile Refillery opened its trunk door, so to speak, in October 2020. Owner, Nicole, set out with a mission to provide Canadian-sourced products for you, your family and your home that are better for the earth and your body, all while reducing single-use plastic waste.


    The idea of opening her own refillery had been bouncing around Nicole's head for years. But what sprung her into action? A pandemic! With so many unknowns in the world, opening up shop gave her a purpose and a positive project to focus on with hopes that it might help the world in a small but meaningful way during uncertain times.


    Health and well-being have always been important to Nicole. Her health journey was first inspired by a dedicated and motivating high school gym teacher who encouraged her to be physically strong. Then, with a diagnosis of cancer in her 20s, she began to focus more on keeping her insides healthy, too. As a Registered Massage Therapist, she understands how our skin - the body’s largest organ - is capable of repelling and absorbing, protecting us from a variety of environmental exposures. Sadly, many of us aren’t aware of the potential harm we may be doing by exposing ourselves to harsh and unnecessary chemicals found in our everyday products.


    Additionally, our planet is drowning in plastic. Globally, only 9% of plastic sent for recycling actually gets recycled. Nicole wants to be part of the environmental solution, and help you do the same. Refilling your household and personal care products is an easy and impactful way to use less and reuse what you already have. When you find yourself emptying containers of shampoo, dish soap, laundry detergent - even yogurt containers and pickle jars - save them to be refilled! Leave your containers at your doorstep and Refill Mobile Refillery will drive to you to fill them up with products that are kind to the earth and your body, and that get the job done.


    Refill Mobile Refillery makes it simple for you, with contactless refills and delivery to your home or business in Collingwood, Blue Mountains, Meaford, Stayner, Wasaga Beach, and everywhere in between. There's no need to be home, no need to go out shopping, and no need to throw away perfectly reusable jars, jugs, bottles, and tubs.


    Nicole sees the positive change coming, with more and more people hopping on board to reuse and refill. She believes our collective efforts will make a big difference and she's here to support you on your low-waste journey, without judgement and with an abundance of hope!